V. Clock Tools, Parts & Supplies
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Wire click for clock Wire tension spool
Wire click for clock
949 Wire click for clock (pkt. of 12 pcs.)
Wire tension spool
950 Wire tension spool for clock, gauge 18-29 (Assorted pkt. of 100 pcs.)
Washers count wheel Stabilizers For Wall Clock
Washers count wheel
951 Washers count wheel for wall clocks (pkt of 100 pcs.)
Stabilizers For Wall Clock
952 Stabilizers with small center threading for wall clocks
Stabilizers For Wall Clock Stabilizers For Wall Clock
Stabilizers for Wall Clock
953 Stabilizers with brass button for wall clocks, medium
Stabilizer for wall clocks
954 Stabilizers with brass body and brass button for wall clocks, large
Hangers brass Hair spring with collets
Hangers brass
955 Hangers brass for clocks (pkt of 12 pcs.)
Hair spring with collets
956 Hair spring with collets for clocks and alarm clocks, box containing assortments (Pkt.of 72 pcs)
Hinges brass Blue wire steel
Hinges brass
957 Hinges brass for clocks 1/2"  and 3/4" ( pkt of 12 pcs.)
Blue wire steel
958 Blue wire steel 4" ( pkt of 37 pcs)
Size 0.55 to 1.95mm
958A Blue wire steel 4" (Pkt of 37 pcs)
Size 2.00 to 3.95mm
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