04. Bench Tools/Accessories
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Jewellery Handing Glove Polishing Mitten Gloves
Jewellery Handing Glove
096 Jewellery handing glove gents/ladies per pair
Polishing Mitten Gloves
097 Polishing mitten gloves, made of siliconised cloth per pair
Tool For Ear Piercing Leather Finger Guard
Tool For Ear Piercing
098 Tool for ear piercing
Leather Finger Guard
099 Leather finger guard with elastic (Open or Closed end)
face mask U-Pins brass
face mask
099A Face mask (Protection Mask)
U-Pins brass
100 U-Pins of brass (pkt of 1000 pcs)
101 U-Pins of Steel (Pkt of 1000 pcs)
Sold Plugs Drawing Wire Brass Plate
Sold Plugs
102 Sold plugs in 2 colours (pkt of 100 pcs)
Drawing Wire Brass Plate
103 Drawing wire brass plate with tungsten hole to draw wire 16-20 SWG, 21-25 SWG, 26-30 SWG
103A Drawing wire brass plate with tungsten hole to Draw wire 31-35 SWG
tungsten draw plate Compass
tungsten draw plate
103B tungsten draw plate with 52 holes
104 Compass for direction
Inspection Mirror Inspection Mirror
Inspection Mirror
105 Inspection Mirror
Inspection Mirror
106 Inspection mirror with adjustable handle
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