06. Casting, Soldering & Finishing Equipments
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cordiorite soldering board Melting Dish Holder
cordiorite soldering board
197B cordiorite soldering board 6" X 6"
(Asbestos free)
Melting Dish Holder
198 Melting dish holder with fly nut and wooden handle
Crucible & Flask Tong Tong flask/Perforated Flask
Crucible & Flask Tong
199 Crucible & flask tong holder 15"
199A Bent Crucible Tong 18"
Tong flask/Perforated Flask
200 Tong flask type, double end 15"
200A Perforated Flask Tong with pins 15"
Tong Flask Type Crucible tong
Tong Flask Type
201 Tong flask type, single end 15"
Crucible tong
202 Crucible Tong with plier Handle
Tong Flask Type Universal Tong Universal
Tong Flask Type Universal
203 Tong flask type universal black 20"
Tong Universal
204 Tong universal stainless steel 15"
Reversible ingot mould Adjustable Ingot Mould
Reversible ingot mould
205 Reversible ingot mould, flat plate or wire
Adjustable Ingot Mould
206 Adjustable ingot mould capacity 80 dwt
207 150 Dwt
208 200 Dwt
209 500 Dwt
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