06. Casting, Soldering & Finishing Equipments
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Ceramic Bowl Adjustable Flame Gas Torch
Ceramic Bowl
184A Ceramic bowl Dia. 3" (Crucible)
Adjustable Flame Gas Torch
185 Adjustable flame gas torch 2k ideal for soldering tank capacity 50 grams flame temperature 1300° C/ 2370° F, Refillable gas LPG /Propane/butane
Glass Alcohol Cup Glass Alcohol Cup
Glass Alcohol Cup
186 Glass alcohol cup with knob outside Diameter 3½"
Glass Alcohol Cup
187 Glass alcohol cup with outside diameter 2½" height 2"
Rubber Mixing Bowl Scrapper
Rubber Mixing Bowl
189 Rubber mixing bowl 4"
190 Rubber mixing bowl 6"
191 Rubber mixing bowl 8"
5048 Scrapper hollow
5049 Scrapper solid
Ingot Mould High Quality Ingot Mould
ingot Mould
194 Casting block (ingot mould) of cast iron, 3 lines
High Quality Ingot Mould
195 High quality ingot mould 8", black anodised, high grade steel
Graphite Crucibles Graphite Rod
Graphite Crucibles
196 Graphite crucibles 1 kg capacity
197 Graphite crucibles 2 kg capacity 
Graphite Rod
197A Graphite rod 12" X ½"
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