06. Casting, Soldering & Finishing Equipments
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Soldering Pick Soldering Pick
Soldering Pick
176 Soldering pick, Titanium with wooden Handle
176A Soldering pick titanium with aluminium handle
Soldering Pick
176B Soldering pick titanium
(Set of 3 Pcs.)
Screen Mesh With Tripod Third Hand Base
Screen Mesh With Tripod
177 Screen mesh with tripod
177A screen mesh only 6" X 6"
Third Hand Base
178 Third hand base, Round with rubber base
Magnetic Hand Base Third Hand Base
Magnetic Hand Base
179 Magnetic hand base round
Third Hand Base
180 Third hand base (Double colour) with rubber base
Torch Holder Ceramic Rod With Holder
Torch Holder
181 Torch Holder
182 Torch Clamp
Ceramic Rod With Holder
183 Ceramic rod with holder on base
Holder For Ceramic Rod Ceramic Rod
Holder For Ceramic Rod
183A Holder for ceramic rod (without rod)
Ceramic Rod
184 Ceramic Rod for soldering
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