13. Files & Handles
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File Needle File Sets
File Needle
351 File needle (set of 12 pcs) in plastic pouch 14 cm superior
352 File needle (set of 10 pcs)  in plastic pouch 14 cm Superior
353 File Needle (Set of 6 pcs) in Plastic Pouch 14 cm Economy
File Sets
353A File (Set of 6 pcs) with Wooden Handle
File Needle Sets Wax Work File
File Needle Sets
353B File needle (Set of 3 Pcs. - Round, Half round, Triangle) in black insulated handle
Wax Work File
354 File for wax work (set of 6 pcs) in plastic pouch 14 cm.
File Riffler Set File Triangular
File Riffler Set
355 File Riffler (set of 12 pcs) in plastic pouch 14cm
File Triangular
355A 8" files triangular with wooden handle
File flat File flat
File flat
356 File flat 8" with rough grains for metal chain polishing
File flat
356A 4" Files Flat, Square , Round, Triangle, Half Round
356B 6" Files Flat, Square , Round, Triangle
356C 6" Files Half Round
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