18. Pliers Stainless Steel
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Pliers Spectacles Pliers Flat Nose Nylon Jaw
Pliers Spectacles
502 Plier for spectacles with nylon jaw 
Pliers Flat Nose Nylon Jaw
503 Plier flat nose with nylon jaw
Plier Brass Tip Plier Combination
Plier Brass Tip
504 Plier  flat nose with brass tip
Plier Combination
505 Plier combination chain nose with cutter
Plier Rosary Plier Rosary
Plier Rosary
506 Plier rosary chain nose with cutter
Plier Rosary
507 Plier rosary round nose with cutter
Plier Stone Setting Plier Ring Bending
Plier Stone Setting
508 Pliers for stone setting
Plier Ring Bending
509 Plier for Ring bending flat / half round nose
Plier Forming Plier Forming
Plier Forming
510 Plier forming hollow/round nose
Plier Forming
511 Plier forming hollow/ half round nose
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