21. Ring Clamps/Ring Vices
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Ring Holding Plier Ring Clamp Nylon
Ring Holding Plier
550 Ring holding plier wooden with spring grip
Ring Clamp Nylon
551 Ring clamp nylon with wedge
Ring Clamp Wooden Ring Holding Vice Wooden
Ring Clamp Wooden
552 Ring clamp wooden with wedge
Ring Holding Vice Wooden
553 Ring holding vice wooden  with fly nut
Ring Holding Vice Wooden Ring Holding Vice Nylon
Ring Holding Vice Wooden
554 Ring holding vice wooden  brass nut 
(superior quality)
Ring Holding Vice Nylon
554A Ring holding vice black nylon
Wooden Ring Vice European Style Ring Clamp
Wooden Ring Vice
555 Wooden ring vice with fly nut
European Style Ring Clamp
556 European style ring clamp with parrallel jaws
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