18. Pliers Stainless Steel
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Plier Flat Nose Plier Round Nose
Plier Flat Nose
490 Plier 5" flat nose with spring
Plier Round Nose
491 Plier 5" round nose with spring
Plier Side Cutter Plier Top Cutter
Plier Side Cutter
492 Plier 5" side cutter with spring
Plier Top Cutter
493 Plier 5" top cutter with spring
Plier Loop Closing Plier Ring Holding
Plier Loop Closing
494 Plier 5" loop closing stainless steel
Plier Ring Holding
495 Plier 5.3/4" ring holding stainless steel
Plier Long Nose
Plier Long Nose
496 Plier 5.1/2" long chain nose with comfort grip
Plier Chain Nose
Plier Chain Nose
497 Plier 5" chain nose with comfort grip
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