23. Stamping Machine & Tools
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Stamping Machine Stamping Machine
Stamping Machine
569A Stamping machine Italian Model
Stamping Machine
569B Ring stamping device for square  stamps with two nylon anvils
Stamp Curved Inside Ring Stamper
Stamp Curved
569C Stamp curved 10k - 12k - 14k - 18k - 20k - 925 - 950
Inside Ring Stamper
569D Inside ring stamper
ring marking plier Ring Stamping Anvil Brass
ring marking plier
569E ring marking plier with 4 stamps (10K-14K-18K-925)
569F Replacement stamp
Ring Stamping Anvil Brass
064 Ring stamping anvil brass
Stamp Curved 'a-z'
Stamp Curved 'a-z'
569G Stamp Curved 'A- z' + '&' Stamp (Set of 27 pcs.) in wooden box
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