14. Watch Tools - Miscellaneous
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Rubber finger caps Soldering iron
rubber finger caps
876 Watch assembly rubber finger caps
(pkt of 100)
Soldering iron
877 Soldering iron 15 watt, 50 cycles 220/230v
Soldering paste Soldering wire
Soldering paste
878 Soldering Paste
Soldering wire
879 Soldering Wire
Pithwood & pegwood Tissue Paper
Pithwood & pegwood
880 Pithwood for Cleaning Pinions
881 Pegwood 24 Sticks to a Bundle
tissue paper
881A tissue paper for watch makers
4" X 4" (Packet of 1000 sheets)
Punch box pearl Punch box superior
Punch box
882 Punch box pearl, hardened and tempered for watchmaker, (set of 25)
Punch box
883 Punch box superior, (Set of 25) Punches in a Wooden Box
Punch box  
Punch box
884 Punch box pearl, (set of 48) with riveting punches, riveting tool and 4 stakes
885 Punch box pearl, (set of 80) with riveting tools and 10 Stakes
886 Punch box  pearl, (set of 120) with riveting stakes
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