10. Screw Drivers/Spring Bar Tools
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Screw driver set in wooden box Screw driver set on fixed stand
Screw driver set
820 Screw driver (set of 6) in wooden box
fixed type Nos 1 - 6
821 Screw driver (set of 9) in wooden box
fixed type Nos 1-9
Screw driver set
822 Screw driver (set of 9) on fixed stand with spare blades
Screw DriverScrew Driver
Screw drivers
823 Screw driver (set of 9) with revolving stand with spare blades
824 Screw driver revolving stand only
825 Screw driver (set of 9) only
825A Screw driver (set of 9) With Extra Heavy Revolving Stand
Screw driver sharpener Pin pusher with wood handle
Screw driver sharpener
826 Screw driver sharpener
pin pusher
826A Pin pusher with wood handle
Screw driver stand
Screw driver stand
237 Polished hardwood stand with carborandum stone for screw drivers
Spring bar removers
spring bar removers
827 Spring bar tool, brass nickelled
828 Spring bar remover black with mm scale
829 Spring bar remover with rubber
830 Spring bar remover nickelled
830A Mini Spring Bar Remover Brass
831 Spring bar remover simple 
832 Spring bar and pull-out pusher nickelled
833 Spring bar tool, european style with black replaseble pins
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