14. Watch Tools - Miscellaneous
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Glass remover with plate Revetting flat stake
Glass remover
862 Glass remover with plate
Revetting flat stake
863 Revetting flat stake, large with 36 holes
Revetting flat stake Revetting round stake
Revetting flat stake
864 Revetting flat stake, small with 36 holes
Revetting round stake
865 Revetting round stake, small with 15 holes
865A Revetting round stake, large with 30 holes
Dust Remover Pump Dust Remover Pump
dust remover Pump
866 dust remover Pump
Dust Remover Pump
867 dust remover Pump
Casing Cushion Dust cover plastic
Casing Cushion
868 Casing cushion for watches, superior
Dust cover plastic
869 Dust cover plastic
Dust cover plastic Watch crown winder
Dust cover plastic
869A Dust cover plastic with 2 work plates
Watch crown winder
870 Watch crown winder
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